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Imagine what you would sew if you could make anything you wished to. Would you create crazy, exuberant designs in your favourite fabrics and unique accessories to express your personal style? And would you strut your home-sewn designs for all the world to see? Go ahead! ... You can do it!


There is something very special about sewing your own clothes and wearing them every day. Wearing your own unique creations feels even better when you make looks with oodles of wow-effect, and the very personal stamp that comes from putting thought into every stitch. Take a walk on the wild side, and be your own fashion designer! We at Selfmade®/STOFF & STIL are your creative best friends. Our universe provides endless opportunities for you to get started with on any project you wish. Ready?



Mix it up


If you aspire to give your projects a personal twist, you can, for example, experiment with structure and colour and embellish your creations with unique appliqués, ribbons and other fabulous haberdashery.


We hope to persuade you into thinking out of the box and combine our patterns. Try mixing a basic pattern with an accessory pattern to create an innovative design. Our designer, Merethe, has created the fascinating showpiece on this page and on the ideas book cover. Merethe made her popular bomber jacket and semi-circular skirt in one of her favourite fabrics this season – black jacquard with blue lurex – and teamed the jacket with a matching, bulky clown collar from one of our costume patterns. The combination is quirky and original. She teamed it with a playful creative headband that sports yarn pompons, to complete her innovative look.

Stand out from the crowd


Find your favourite patterns, fabrics and accessories – and then sew precisely what you want. Our designers always select colours and fabrics carefully. For example, when they develop our fine ribbons, they ensure that you have every opportunity to make amazing creations and individualise your design projects to the last detail. We like to stand out in the crowd, show who we are and not give a fig about what others may think. The trick is to be true to yourself. Go ahead! Leap into the unknown, and never look back. We’re with you all the way. ♥