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Create your dream colours with 3 simple steps

It's great to mix your own colours and create unique pastel shades. But how do you actually mix colours?


With our 3 steps, it doesn't get any easier!


You only need three colours to make all the beautiful colours: red, blue and yellow. These three colours are called primary colours.


To achieve as many shades as possible, we also recommend using white and black.  

Step 1

Mix two primary colours (50/50) to get secondary colours.
Red + Blue = Purple
Blue + Yellow = Green
Yellow + Red = Orange


Step 2

Mix a primary colour with a secondary colour (50/50) to get a tertiary colour.
Ex: Yellow + Green = Light Green


Step 3

To get pastel colours, mix a tertiary colour with white. Add a little white at a time until you get the pastel colour you want.
For example: light green + white = pastel green 


Tip: If you mix in a little black, you can achieve even more shades!

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Endless combinations

Try experimenting with colours! The combinations are endless, and our guide can be used for all types of paint.


So, whether you want to create beautiful textile paint designs on a T-shirt or decorate boxes and PAP FAB projects with acrylic paint, you now have the guide to getting started with colour mixing.

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