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We love it when our customers share their creative successes with us on Instagram. Three good customers told us about a creative project – and what inspired them to make it.


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Made by @lene_birgitte


I bought a Selfmade®/STOFF & STIL goodie bag containing blue and pink fabric. At once, it strucked me that it was perfect for bum bags. When I had seen the finished model (90307), I wanted to make one myself as it had just the perfect shape and size. And you can easily add details of your own. For example, on one bum bag I sewed an inside zipper pocket. If you like, you can change the strap to get different design expressions. I was creative even as a little girl. Now I spend a lot of my free time sewing and knitting. I think I’m quite hooked on having creative projects in progress. If you’re a beginner, find yourself a simple project to get you started. You can find help everywhere today – e.g. on YouTube.



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Made by @Made_by_e


I really wanted to sew a kimono-inspired jacket with a tie belt at the waist. When I set eyes on the gorgeous pink velvet fabric, I just had to make the jacket in it. I combined the jacket pattern (24039) with kimono pattern (24040) to design a jacket of my own. I am very pleased with the results. I’ve always been a creative person and I am very interested in clothes and fashion. I’ve had a sewing machine for years but I really only started sewing two years ago when I learned to make clothes using a pattern. It’s so much fun! I’m learning all the time, making more advanced patterns – I see a lovely roll of fabric, find a suitable pattern and get started. If you want to sew, I recommend that you start with an EASY pattern and take your time to get it right. That makes the most satisfying sewing.



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Made by @helenasmedsrud


My husband wanted a Hawaiian shirt but couldn’t find one he liked. I actually bought the fabric to make a dress for myself. Instead it became the man’s shirt (pattern no. 8700101). There was enough fabric left over to make a shirt for my daughter too. Matching Dad and daughter! To my mind, the results are great. I am inspired by clothes and other things I see around me. Dressmaking is my favourite hobby. I’m actually a third-generation seamstress in my family. We love it. If you wish to learn to sew, I’d advise you to start with a modest project, such as cushion covers, a makeup pouch or children’s clothing – and you don’t need costly equipment to get started.