1600X2000 Autumn P035a

This guide explains how you can sew a fabric piece on knitwear.

1600X1400 How To Make Patch On Knit


Materials: a knitted cardigan, patchwork squares, pattern paper, embroidery yarn, safety pins, quilting needle and sewing thread. Sew a patchwork of squares in your favourite colours. Make suffi cient patch-work fabric to make 2 fronts and 1 back, all slightly larger than the cardigan.



Draw the front and back pieces up on pattern paper.



Cut out fronts and back and add 1 cm seam allowance.



Sew side and shoulder seams.



Press 1 cm seam allowance. Pin the patchwork to the garment with safety pins. Over-cast along the front edges, collar, lower edge and armholes.



Use two strands of embroidery yarn and quilt 2 mm from the horizontal and vertical stitching in the patchwork.