Visuel Sjael Med Passion For Blomster


5 questions to Karen from bloom k


We shot many of the photos in this idea book at a very special house in Herning, Denmark. Two years ago, florist Karen Kirkegaard and her family bought this elegant architect-designed villa. It dates from 1938 and is beautifully refurbished with lots of colours and vintage finds. The Kirkegaards focused on preserving the original design details. We spoke to Karen about her love for her outstanding home, and how her passion for flowers influences her flair for interior design.



What was it about the house that you fell for?


I definitely fell for its history. It was built as a private residence next to a coach-building factory just before the outbreak of World War II. Almost everything in the house is original. The beautiful staircase on the ground floor, bombastic doorjambs, parquet floors and the beautiful windows with paintings on glass are all still there. You sense that standard solutions just didn’t do it and that the original owners made choices with their heart. Just think about all the shoes and high heels that have paced these floors. Imagine the conversations that took place here. It’s fantastic.



How would you describe your interior design style?


We have made every effort to preserve the original atmosphere. I think I would describe my style as vintage with a modern twist – or just random. Many of the furnitures and works of art came from my husband’s family home or were bought secondhand. Only little, of what we have gotten, is new. I love things with a history, and sometimes we just go for the colours we like.



Where do your creative instincts come from and where do you find new inspiration?


I own a flower shop, bloom k. I have worked with flowers for many years and in all kinds of ways. I am convinced my flair for shape and colour derives from my passion for flowers. I seek out inspiration from everything – from furniture fashion to the woods. Although, I am preoccupied with trends and new ways of putting things together, I do not let current fashion dictate. My interiors are born of coincidence – something will catch my eye and suddenly, I picture it somewhere specific in my home.



What are the benefits of being creative with flowers?


Flowers are apparently a natural means of expression for me. Just as I can be enchanted by a new picture in the house, my floristry is enormously satisfying, as I am amazed, by all that nature and botany can do. I adore immersing myself in materials, sculptural shapes and window structures, and i am constantly developing new ideas to try out.



Do your have any good interior design tips?


I think mixing the old and the new is marvellous because it makes a home very personal. I like to vary textures and surfaces. For example, I like to put wooden furniture with glossy steel and add a dash of extra texture with velvet curtains or something like that. As for flowers, I often set them quite randomly in their vases and then leave them to dry out. I adore keeping flowers and watching them wrinkle, shrink and change colour – their many life stages are really fascinating.  ♥