Sheer Trend 4

The Sheer Trend 2023

Discover the art of styling sheer, 2023's hottest trend. Learn how to mix see-through pieces with basics, sew your own garments and more with Selfmade®.
Shower 2

Spa gardens

Creating a personal outdoor retreat in your back yard! Check out these ideas and bring the essence of spa gardens into your home!
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Let's go outdoor

Upgrade your summer cottage, terrace and garden with timeless projects made of durable fabrics.
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Boho in full bloom

Oh, boho! The lovely, relaxed style gives the wildest summer vibes and fantastic flashbacks to the hippie era.
Batik Image

Tie-dye is back!

Wow! You can't help but feel joy with the incredible patterns of tie-dye, perfect for spring and summer.
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Wonderful violet

This season calls for lots of violet tones, giving a delicate and modern expression.