1000X1000 Winter21 007A

To make it, you need following materials:


• 2 lengths of cotton canvas

• Board

• Fabric Booster - product no. 29915

• Staple gun - product no. 29811

• Staples - product no. 29821

• Textile glue - product no. 29901

• Foam brush - product no. 29116

1050X1050 Wrinkle Wall Art Winter21


Materials: 2 lengths of cotton canvas, board, Fabric Booster, staple gun, staples, textile glue and foam brush.



Press one piece of canvas and staple it to the board. If necessary, use two layers of fabric.



Crush a second piece of canvas until it is thoroughly wrinkled. Spray with fabric booster (use a protective plastic underlay). Adjust the wrinkled design. Then leave to dry for 6-8 hours.



Arrange the crumpled canvas on the board. To attach securely, apply textile glue with a foam brush.

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