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It's official; pyjama dressing is no longer reserved for the bedroom. Well, maybe not your actual sleepwear. But the trend of pyjamas replacing homewear for comfort dressing is here to stay. 

Comfort and style go hand in hand with the latest fashion trend: DIY pyjamas. Because the days when pyjamas were tucked away in the bedroom are long gone. Now we see them out on the streets, where young people wear flannel trousers or satin pyjamas with style and confidence.

And the best thing about making them yourself? That you can choose exactly the fabric and colour you like - unlike when you buy the finished product in stores.


Young people are rocking checked pyjama trousers as everyday wear. Style them with a pair of chunky trainers and a simple T-shirt for a casual look that offers a bit more than the same old tired joggers.


We have some great fabrics that are perfect for the project. Whether you prefer woven cotton with a tratan or floral fabrics, you will find just what you need in our broad selection.

Pyjamas Tern

And is wrapping yourself in satin from top to toe is a bit too much for you? Then just make the top.


You can find our 9 tips for sewing with satin here.

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Once you have your fabric, you only need a sewing pattern, thread and elastic. And yes, a sewing machine, of course.

So why wait? Jump on this trend and start sewing your own unique pyjama set today.