AW22 Trends Med Baggrund

Clean and calm

The new autumn/winter collection has a cooler expression than usual. We replaced traditional petite, feminine floral prints with more prominent, abstract motifs.

These new fabrics have a cleaner, more straightforward look where contrasting colours meet and create an expressive and empowering look.

Taktil M02

This season, we see a lot of tactile fabrics. Materials that look good and feel good, too; materials you feel compelled to touch.

Abstract and undefined, non-prints

We see an apparent inclination towards more abstract prints this season. These prints are often inspired by nature and natural phenomena.


In our children’s collection, we express these with adorable prints of, for example, sea life, forest creatures, etc.


These prints have come to stay for the next couple of years.


Unicolour with a twist

Besides the prints, our new collection focuses on textured materials that add a contemporary twist to that timeless unicolour look.


For example, take our new textured woven cotton. Because of their timeless look and colour, you can use them in your wardrobe for years.

M02 Tæppe

Sustainable fabrics in focus

We only supply quality fabrics. That way, your homemade styles will last for years to come. Materials and accessories that lift your slow fashion dreams to new heights.

Additionally, we are always looking into making our collection more sustainable, using organic fabrics, EcoVero™ viscose, and recycled or recyclable materials.

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