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The finishing touch to your sewing project! 

We're talking about bias tape. That narrow strip of fabric that makes a big difference.  


This bias tape is 18 mm wide with a matte and delightful surface. Choose the colour that fits your project – do you want it to match the fabric, or perhaps stand out as a distinct detail?  


The tape is made from polyester and comes in a pack of 4 meters. 


Use bias tape for …  

Sew bias tape on blankets and bath towels. Use it on dresses, shirts, and blouses – and for baby clothes and bodysuits. Let the bias tape serve as fine details and beautiful finishes on edges and cut-outs.  


Good to know about bias tape 

Bias tape has the (almost) magical ability to adapt to many fabrics. As the name suggests, it's cut on the bias, therefore naturally following your curves, necklines, corners, and edges. This results in a beautiful finish.  


How to sew on bias tape 

Bias tape is for sewing on curves, corners, and straight stretches. When sewing the bias tape onto your project, use straight stitches with approximately 2.5 cm stitch length. While sewing, don't pull or stretch it. Allow it to naturally align with the edge for a neat result.  



When you start sewing your bias tape, fold approximately 2 cm inwards, so it's double-layered. When you finish, tuck the other end's fold over your folded start. The same principle applies when extending a bias tape.