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Carded wool for felting

100% wool in beautiful colours for felting! Each bundle contains 50 grams of wool with loose and free fibres, ready to be felted into the exact project you're dreaming of.  

And if your dream is instead to spin your own yarn, this wool is also a great choice. 

Getting started with felting?

Felting is an ancient craft where you create fabric from wool. You take wool fibres and press them together, forming a dense and durable material, either by wet or dry felting. 

If you choose the wet felting method, you work with the wool by folding, pressing, and rubbing it. If you choose the dry felting method, you'll need a needle with small hooks that attach the fibres together as you repeatedly poke and pull them through the material. 

You'll need some tools. The most important are a good felting needle and felting pad. As you poke the wool, the material becomes firmer, and you can gradually create patterns, figures, jewellery, and decorations. You can also make clothing – everything from soft slippers to fine hats – using felt. 

Get inspired for more felting

Search for "felt" and find a range of patterns and products to help you achieve your DIY project with carded wool. 

If you search for "Needle felting with felting brush", you'll get a step-by-step guide, including a shopping list. It couldn't be easier to start wonderful felting projects.