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Item No. 29921

Hobby Glue 319

Hobby Glue 319 is a water-based all-round adhesive and lacquer suitable for many purposes. Use it when gluing paper, cardboard, fabric or wood or for lacquering papier mâché, collages and so forth. Once dry the glue adds a transparent, glossy surface, perfect for your creative projects.

Piece of advice before you use hobby glue 319

Make sure all surfaces intended for the hobby glue are clean, dry and grease free. The hobby glue should be used at room temperature only. 

How to use the hobby glue for gluing purposes

Apply the glue in a thin layer and glue the surfaces together while the glue is still wet. Allow a light pressure until the glue has dried when using the glue with wooden materials. The glue will dry in about 10-30 minutes when used on absorbent surfaces. 

How to use the hobby glue for lacquering purposes

Apply a thin layer of the hobby glue onto your project – optionally diluted with water.


If still wet, the hobby glue can be washed off with cold water. If dry use rubbing alcohol or soak it in warm water.