£ 18.00/m.

Item No. 824130

Shiny upholstery velvet without backing (woven backing). This upholstery velvet is a glossy, shiny fabric with a durability of 20,000, Martindale. It has a soft surface which makes it perfect for cushions, and it is gorgeous for curtains and tablecloths as it drapes beautifully. Upholstery velvet without backing is easy to shape and work with, so it’s a good idea to use it for small projects for the home, such as lampshades and ornaments, and you can make the nicest toiletry bags, clutches and the like. With our shiny upholstery velvet you can quickly spruce up the home or an outfit with gorgeous colours to create a luxurious ambience. Add extra effect by mixing and matching upholstery velvet with some of our other fabrics, or create a lovely contrast in your creative projects by combining upholstery velvet with and without backing – the possibilities are many.