Item No. 39104

Our GuppyFriend washing bag filters the microfibres released from our synthetic textiles each time we do our laundry and prevents them from ending up in our water.

Catch the microfibres and help the environment

With each wash we do, a line of microfibres are released via our washing machine and into our waste water. This results in microfibres building up in our natural environment – especially when we wash synthetic textiles such as fleece and polyester that both contain microplastics.

Once the microplastics enter our rivers, lakes, and oceans, they enter our food chain and pile up in animals and humans. Subsequently this turns into a severe problem so finding methods to minimize the release of microplastics is crucial. Guppyfriend helps you do just that.

Use the washing bag and keep your clothes for longer

Guppyfriend not only traps loose fibers, it also reduces the number of them by up to 86%. In short it helps reduce the release of microplastics into our wastewater, but it also means less wear and tear of your clothes so you can use it for longer.

The microplastic released when washing gets trapped by the Guppyfriend after which it’s easy to remove and dispose of in the bin.

How to use it:

Add your synthetic clothes and textiles to the washing bag (only fill it 2/3 of the way to enable the clothes to rotate), then place it in the washing machine. Feel free to add more laundry to the machine if needed and wash as usual (at a maximum of 40°C).

Remove the textiles from the bag once the washing is finished and carefully collect the microplastic gathered at the seams and dispose of it in the bin.

This bag is reusable, measures 50 x 74 cm and is made out of untreated 100% polyamide.