£ 3.25/pc(s)

Item No. 15041

Strong denim thread made of 100% polyester is great when working with heavy-duty fabrics and in projects where durability is an absolute must. Use it for sewing denim garments, but also in wall hangings, decorative stitching, etc. You can give your creative projects a really nice finish with this type of thread – e.g. try stitching a contrasting colour on jeans and other projects.

Our strong denim thread is OEKO-TEX 1 certified.

Nm 5/3

Nm (metric thread number) = indicates the length of 1 g of thread. The higher the number, the finer the thread.


Nm 30/1 means that 30 m weighs one gram and that the thread consists of a single strand.

Nm 30/2 means that 30 m weighs two grams and that the thread is twisted from two single strands.