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Create amazing lino prints

Would you like to learn lino printing? It's a fantastic creative pursuit for adults and children alike. Buy this lino roller and you’re off to a great start. Find everything you need to get started making great lino prints at Selfmade®.

Smart lino roller

This is a firm lino roller (9,5 cm) that is perfect for use in lino printing. It has a core of plastic and a rubber surface. The roller is designed to lie on a flat surface with the inky parts raised from the underlay.

You will need the following lino printing materials

In addition to a lino roller, you will need:

  • Pencil
  • Paper, PAP FAB or fabric
  • Lino printing block
  • Lino cutting tool and blades
  • Lino printing ink
  • Lino cutting board
  • Protective cardboard or card

How to do lino printing

  • Draw up your motif up with a pencil on a lino printing block.
  • Either cut your lines or cut contours (i.e. the surface around the lines). Use a lino cutting tool. It’s always a good idea to use a cutting board. Always cut away from yourself. The blade should be sharp. Adult supervision is recommended when children use lino cutting tools.
  • Using a lino roller, roll a thin and even layer of lino printing ink onto a clean paint tray. Transfer the ink by rolling over the surface of the lino printing block. Roll backwards and forwards and in different directions until the lino printing block is completely covered with ink.
  • Lay a sheet of paper, PAP FAB or fabric over the lino printing block. Then lay a sheet of protective cardboard or card on the top. Using a clean lino roller, roll backwards and forwards over the protective cardboard. Change direction. Make sure you roll from edge to edge so the ink is evenly distributed.
  • Remove the protective cardboard. Carefully lift the print paper/fabric and leave to dry. Your motif is done.
  • Clean the lino roller in lukewarm water. Dry carefully.