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Unleash your creativity!

Who doesn't love organic cotton? It's a natural material that lets your skin breathe, and it's comfortable to work with when you're sewing.


Find your favourites among the many different colours - mix and match, or go all in on your favourite colour. You buy the fabric by the metre, so you can get just the length you need.


Rib is a good choice for your sewing project

Rib fabric in 1x1 is a soft piece of fabric knitted with a fine and uniform structure that makes it perfect for a wide variety of DIY projects.


Use it for tops, t-shirts and leggings for both children and adults. The quality is unmistakable - it's soft and just the right amount of stretch to make cotton great to work with and wear.


The Fabric

The rib fabric is knitted and made of 97% organic cotton and 3% elastane. It is 145 cm wide and you should expect it to shrink approximately 6% in the wash. We recommend that you wash the fabric before starting to pattern, cut and sew to ensure the best result matching the right size.


Please remember to use jersey needles (item no. 46799 or 46028) when sewing in rib fabric.



The products labelled organic consist of minimum 95% organic material. Thereby, they meet the highest international standards for organic farming, environmental protection and social responsibility. In this category you will find a wide selection of fabrics, sewing threads and yarns.