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Wash your clothes with soapberries. Yes, you got it right. Soapberries; an alternative to traditional detergents.

How to use Soapberries

Pop the equivalent of five whole berry shells into the cotton bag supplied, tie a knot, and place the bag in the drum.

Wash with soapberries at all temperatures. The higher the wash temperature, the more soap released from the shells - so the higher your wash temperature, the quicker your berries are used up. Each soapberry can be used for 4-5 washes at 40-60°C and 1-3 washes at 60 - 90°C.

After washing, the shells should then be left to dry – just hang the bag with the shells on the clothes line and let them dry with the clothes. Once used up, dispose of them as biodegradable waste in the organic waste bin, on the compost heap or even a flower bed.

Facts about soapberries

  • The fruit of the soapberry
  • Contains natural detergent substances called saponins.
  • 500 g of soapberries is enough for at least 180 wash cycles.
  • No additives, enzymes or perfumes.
  • Free of preservatives and dyes.
  • Suitable for delicates, such as wool and silk.
  • Hypoallergenic.