£ 10.00/m.

Item No. 9623


Self-adhesive and water-soluble embroidery backing on transfer paper. Weight 67 g/m2 + paper

Application areas

For all kinds of machine embroidery, new creative techniques and as an ideal sewing aid for mini-quilts. Suitable for all fabrics and textile materials that are washable and sewable; especially suitable for elastic fabrics.


  1. Draw the desired motif of the rough side and remove the film.
  2. Position the Solufix on the right side of the fabric and press it on.
  3. For thin fabrics, you can also attach the Solufix to the reverse side of the fabric and embroider the motif with a close zigzag stitch.
  4. Then wash out the Solufix.

Important: Do not iron or tear out!


  • Soluble in cold water
  • Self-adhesive