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1200X800 Textile Paint For Children

Textile paint for children

Have fun letting the children play with textile paint. Picture perfect works of art with child friendly textile paint using fun techniques. Read in 3-5 min
1200X800 CG Borehul 01

Learn how to sew facing

Let's face it: adding a little facing gives you the best possible neckline for your newly designed top or dress. Learn how to sew with facing. Read in 3-4 min
1200X800 Vlies Wide Summer21

Guide to interlining

Interlining is amazing - no wonder it is so commonly used. Here's a guide that helps you pick the right interlining for your project. Read in 6-8 min
1600X2000 Summer P056

Create a unique gilet

Design your day. Customise your homemade gilet with one-of-a-kind embroidery. Read in 2-3 mins.