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This is how you can make your own wallhanger. You can buy fabric, patches etc. which you want to use for making your own cool nursery decoration. To make it, you need following materials:


• 0.25 m fabric

• Dowel item no. 99002

• Ribbon fringe

• Anorak cord

• Patches/letters

• Wonder tape

• Thread

• Scissors and sewing machine

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Make sure you have all the materials you need



Make a template and cut it out. Remember to add seam allowance and drawstring hem. Lay the "flat" side against the fold. Cut out.



Fold the edge 1 cm to the wrong side on both sides of the fabric and press.



Back stitch on the wrongside. Start 3 cm down. Sew inside the press fold (step 3). Turn right sides out.



Stitch 3 cm down from the fold to make a drawstring hem for the dowel.



Affix a strip of wonder tape. This makes attaching the fringed ribbon easier. Pin the fringed ribbon in place and sew on firmly.



Iron on patch and letters. Use a cloth to protect the iron-on letters. Saw the dowel to the desired length. Use a length of anorak cord to hang.

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