1000X1000 Summer P056

Waistcoat, gilet, bodywarmer… Whatever you prefer to call them - they are all the rage! Did you make yours yet?


Make your gilet truly unique by adding patchwork applications in delicate pastels.


We made an easy-to-follow guide that takes you through the process step-by-step.  

1600X1800 Create A Unique Gilet Summer21


Draw your motif on Vliesofix (item no. 9299).



Iron the Vliesofix onto the wrong side of the fabric.



Cut out your motif.



Remove the paper from the motif. Pin the motif into place. Slide a piece of easy-tear embroidery backing (item no. 9231) under your pattern. piece



Take your iron and fuse the motif fi rmly to the fabric piece, and then backstitch close to the edges. Zigzag over the stitching in a matching coloured thread.



Remove the easy-tear backing from the wrong side of the fabric.