The world is your oyster when it comes to what’s trending in Spring 2022. But, naturally, our designers have their favourites!


They’ve handpicked 5 styles that all share something special. They are timeless, you can keep them for ages, and they are a true bliss to make!


Come join us when we explore 5 seasonal trends from our new collection – and see how to get started!

Pojagi M2

Perhaps you’ve already heard about pojagi?


Pojagi is a Korean form of patchwork technique. You sew fabric pieces in different sizes and materials together to make one piece of cloth.

When sewing, you make the seams reversible, so both sides of the finished project look the same.


Needless to say, this is a process that takes time – but it’s well worth it! Accompanied by a cuppa, this truly is a mindfulness project.



How to get started on your Pojagi sewing project


Pojagi is brilliant for curtains, blankets, tablecloths and the likes – not to mention a hit for the wardrobe. So follow our pojagi-guide, and make a tablecloth in different colours of light linen.

The most beautiful table will unfold in front of you – and we promise you will want to use this unique tablecloth again and again!


Another thing you could try is our guide to patchwork fashion, teaching you how to arrange pieces of fabric to make a unique piece of cloth, from which you can create a fabulous outfit. 

Mending M2

Mending is a form of visible patching that extends the lifespan of your clothes and soft interior. Instead of making the patching as invisible as possible, mending patches are made visible and beautiful on purpose.

It’s hard not to fall for this delightful combination of sustainability and fashion – and there is no doubt that mending is trending big time during the Spring season of 2022.



How to get started with visible mending

  • Place a small piece of fabric under the hole you mean to mend
  • Hand stitch over it in straight lines in different directions until a lovely pattern has formed
  • Celebrate your gorgeous result with a dance!

Easy, right?



An excellent selection of mending threads

We recommend that you use a mending yarn to achieve a long-lasting result. Fortunately, we stock heaps of lovely colours, so have a browse and spot the ones you love.

A piece of advice before you get started: use the woollen mending yarn for knits and the cotton mending thread for mending denim and canvas and the like.

You’re welcome!



Pedari M2

Keeping your knick-knacks tidy and organized creates a sense of calm in both your head and your home. But storage needn’t be boring!

Seize one of this Spring’s mega Instagram DIY trends: Pedari boxes.


If you were born in the 80’ies or 90’ies, you’re probably familiar with these beautiful fabric-covered storage boxes. And they’re here again!

As dropped from nostalgia heaven, they are perfect for storing sewing accessories, knick-knacks – and anything precious you want to keep safe.



How to make Pedari boxes:


Fold our pedari box template, and glue the fabric you like onto the box template. We recommend using a non-stretchy woven fabric to get a neat result without creases, such as woven cotton, patchwork fabric, or yarn-dyed cotton.


We stock a large selection of printed cotton fabric, enabling a wealth of different looks for your finished boxes. In addition, you can make little compartments should you need to.


Follow our pedari box guide for detailed instructions, also about the use of Vliesofix and batting.



Boxy Dress M2

One of the great Spring 2022 fashion trends are oversize, boxy dresses with cool cut-outs. So we thought we’d make a pattern for our design your own dress.


It boasts just that look with its straight and roomy shape. Make it short, make it long, with long or short sleeves – or perhaps no sleeves at all? Up to you!


Choose a fab fabric for your boxy dress


Bear in mind that your fabric choice has a tremendous impact on the final expression. We highly recommend soft satin and woven viscose for long, flowy dresses that drape beautifully.

For a shorter, more chunky dress, twill, denim with stretch, and other stiffer fabrics will do just the trick.

But which colour to choose? Our designers aren’t in doubt at all: green and pink! This is because these colours are so in vogue right now.

Luckily, we happen to stock a gorgeous selection of fabrics – some floral fabrics too.

Style your dress with an elegant cotton poplin boxy bag. And if you’re on the hunt for another boxy dress pattern, we can warmly recommend our shirt dress in light linen.



Knits M2

Do you love knitwear? Do you love colours? Combine the two, and you end up with one of the craziest Spring 2022 fashion trends.

Knitted sweaters and vests in mixed colours are a fresh but timeless look.

Knitting takes time but is well worth the effort, as you end up with something you’ll love for more than one season. And is there anything better than a cosy sweater for a cool Spring evening?



Try FRAYA's yarn and free knitting patterns


Why not knit our beautiful Companion Sweater using Fluffy FRAYA or the soft Coffeetime Slipover in Royal FRAYA?


All our knitting patterns are yours for the taking so make a leap for it and knit a Spring sweater! Did we mention we have heaps of different FRAYA yarns in beautiful colours – not to mention the best knitting accessories ever! 


Pick your own yarny pile of rainbow colours and have fun knitting!