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Have a look at the many fantastic Christmas items our new collection has to offer. Jolly fabrics, merry accessories, and tons of inspiration for making the most wonderful time even better!

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The dinner table is a focal point at Christmas. It is here we meet for lunch, dinner and a cosy breakfast next morning. We tend to make more of a fuss of our table settings during the festive season. We offer many fabrics suitable for making tablecloths – e.g. linen-look fabrics with beautiful Christmas prints and jacquard fabrics with Christmas hearts.

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Homemade Christmas stockings with small, cosy packages are the epitome of Christmas! Make it a cosy family project, where each of you decides the design of your own Christmas stocking. Bury yourselves in soft ribbons, Christmas fabrics and fun patches – and then cross your fingers that Santa finds his way to your stocking!

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    Party trends

    Read more about the 2021 apparel trends for both women and kids.
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    Arctic tones

    A trend inspired by nature, earthy colours and traditional crafts.
  • Purist 004

    Less is more

    Find peace of mind and make time for immersion. Make it simple, create purity of line and embrace muted colours. Prefer quality to quantity.