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Upcycle your old sweater with dip-dye technique

Here you can see how to use the dip-dye technique. The results are always one-of-a-kind – and the random, homemade look is currently very hot. ♥

1600X2400 How To Upcycle With Batik


Materials: Batik textile dyes, fixing agent, tub, plastic sheeting, bag and gloves, mixing stick and elastic bands.



Mix the dye in the tub. Always follow the instructions.



Wash and moisten the sweatshirt and wrap one sleeve in a bag and seal with an elastic band.



Place parts of the moistened sweatshirt in the tub.



Mix the second colour.



Remove the sleeve from the plastic bag and carefully immerse it in the second colour (if you wish, with a length of anorak cord). After dyeing, use the fixing agent. always wash your tie-dye project in a washing machine before wear.