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Modern retro in velvet

Who doesn't dream of a pair of cool corduroy trousers for everyday and festive wear? We certainly do! And this corduroy is perfect for the purpose.


It contains wide ridges (8 Wales) and is made from 100% cotton, so it is comfortable to wear and breathable.


Velvet is hardwearing and suitable for both clothing and creative projects for the home.


Velvet for you - and your home! 

You decide what you want to sew. There are of course the classic corduroy trousers, but it could also be a nice shirt-dress, a cool spencer or maybe a smaller project like a lovely bucket hat?


And when it comes to home-ware: How about sewing some velvet cushions for the sofa? Or you can use velvet to make the coolest shopper or belt bag. Find your favourite colours and get started with scissors, needle and thread!  


Velvet is sold by the metre, so simply order the length you need. The width is 140 cm and the fabric shrinks about 3% in the wash.  


Remember to use the right needles - we recommend a size 80 universal needle. 


What is Wales?

Wales indicates the width of the raised ridges in the velvet that defines the velvety texture of the fabric. A low Wales indicates wide ridges i.e. less ridges per inch. On the other hand, a high Wales indicates narrow ridges. For example velvet with 4 Wales per inch has wide ridges and will feel heavier, while velvet with 21 Wales per inch has narrow ridges and will feel finer.


What is STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®?

OEKO-TEX® is the world-leading label for textiles tested for harmful substances.

Once the fabric has achieved a STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification, it is your guarantee it has been tested and approved not to contain any harmful chemicals.

Meaning it is neither harmful to you nor your health and it’s less harmful to the environment.