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Universal glue 300

Perhaps you already know Universal glue 300? The well-known yellow tube contains a fast-drying clear glue that you can use to glue paper, cardboard, wood, ceramics, cork and certain textiles and plastic types.

Good advice before you use textile glue

Make sure all surfaces are clean, dry and free of grease, release agent and dust particles. If you intend to use the glue on artificial textiles and metals, a tip of advice is to polish the surfaces first to obtain the best results. Most materials only require regular cleaning.

Trial gluing is recommended to evaluate the strength of the glue with regards to your specific purpose, your project. To avoid discolouration of certain types of material we recommend trial gluing on parts that are less visible. 

How to use the universal glue

Apply the glue onto the one or both surfaces. Press the pieces together lightly and hold for about 3 minutes while the glue is still wet.

To achieve extra strength, apply glue twice during the process. Let the glue dry fully before applying the second layer. Press until the glue has dried.


Use acetone to dissolve the glue.