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Item No. 29505

This opaque, water-based textile marker is suitable for drawing on fabrics in all colours; both light and dark. This fabric paint pen is best used on cotton, denim, linen, silk, or textile blends containing up to 20 % synthetic fibres. Use your marker on already finished projects, or decorate them as you sew. The textile marker has a stroke width of 2-4 mm, making it an especially suitable all-round marker for decorative projects, upcycling or labelling children’s clothing, and more. We recommend placing a plastic sheet between your fabric layers, to prevent the dye from staining the underlying layers. Remove the cap and shake the pen for 1-2 minutes before use. Push the felt tip down several times, if necessary, to allow the paint to satiate the tip. After use, we recommend leaving your project to dry for at least six hours, before heat-fixing it with an iron. Cover your project, i.e. with a tea towel or another cloth, to protect it during fixation. Your project is now washable at up to 60°C - please wash inside out. To prevent the tip from drying out, please store your textile markers horizontally. The fabric marker is not suitable for children under three years of age.