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Wax thread conditioner is used to prepare your thread e.g. for quilting, upholstery and other forms of needlework. Our wax conditioner is made of 100 % paraffin. To wax your thread, pull it through the holes on the side of the plastic box. For best results, pull the thread through twice. Wax thread conditioner helps prevents your thread from knotting and reduces static electricity when you sew. Thread is also easier to thread if it is coated with wax. Wax is particularly useful when sewing on buttons or sewing buttonholes. The wax coating reinforces the thread. If you want an even stronger thread, iron the thread so that the wax melts onto it. When you iron wax onto thread, always protect your underlay and iron with layers of paper or fabric. NB: the paraffin wax can stain your fabric. We recommend that you do a test before using your waxed thread.