Your guide to getting through the school holidays with your sanity intact

Do you sometimes need a holiday after a week at home with the children?

Don't worry. We've got your back! We have created the ultimate creative survival guide you can pull out during the holidays.

We have lots of suggestions for easy creative projects for children. Some for infants, some for teens, and some for kids in between.

Many of these activities are cosy family projects. Others require only a little adult supervision so you can enjoy a cup of coffee while the kids entertain themselves. Holidays? No problem!  


MUCKI finger paint is ideal for unleashing creative talent and painting great motifs, colourful handprints, and more on cotton fabrics.

The paints are water-based and contain no harmful chemicals. They are safe even for a two-year-old to use! We offer ten lovely bright colours that children can mix to make a myriad of shades. Ready, steady, paint!

1800X1800 Pap Love

We love this! Upcycle old cardboard and entertain your children. What's not to love? Help your kids make a cute, playful lion, an imaginative aquarium – or teach them to tie shoelaces with a fun cardboard shoe 


Enjoy our step-by-step guides to making three great creative ideas – we make life easy for you and include shopping lists. Keep remnants and scraps in your stash of creative materials for later use!  


Being creative with children does not have to be a headache. We make it easy for you! Our designers have created gorgeous painting patterns and dress-up dolls – all free of charge.


Just print, paint, cut, and watch fabulous figures come to life. There are many hours of enjoyment here. These are some of our favourite creative projects for small children.  

Learn To Sew

Well, all sorts of things, really! This is the perfect sewing project to start with: our sewing machine licence 


Your children begin by practising sewing on a sewing machine. First, they sew along a line before trying their hand at projects made of fabric. By sewing along the lines, they create lovely pictures with colourful thread. When they're done, their work looks good on the wall in their room. Pretty cool, right?  

Sewing machine licence
1800X900 Jewellery Making

1800X900 FRAYA Scrunchie

Scrunchie. The word itself is cosy! Help your kids make cool hair elastics with our free pattern. Choose your favourite colours and prints. Maybe you'd like to make matching mother & daughter or sister & sister scrunchies? 


Check out our large scrunchie pattern. If you enjoy crochet, make FRAYA's fine Miss Maya Scrunchie 


So there are no excuses – scrunchie to your heart's content!  

1800X900 FRAYA Image 03 B

1800X900 Cushions

Sewing with children is great fun. Maybe your teen is already mad about sewing? Here's an excellent idea for a project: Personalised cushions for a teen room!


We offer a great selection of free sewing patterns for cushions and irresistible fabrics for your sewing project. Why not explore our comprehensive selection of upholstery fabrics? We have upholstery velvet and velour, textured upholstery fabrics and much more.


The sky is the limit for your cushion project – Check out our great ideas for a heating and cooling cushion 

1800X900 Hairband 01

If we know your teen right, the hair has to be perfect EVERY day of the week, which makes hairbands the apparent choice for a creative project!


Follow the four simple steps in our free hairband pattern. And when they have several hairbands to choose from, they can experiment with different looks.

Download free hairband pattern

Suppose your youngster is up for even more creativity. In that case, they can upcycle old sneakers with textile paint – and we have plenty of other easy creative ideas for children.


Immerse yourselves in a universe of creative projects for kids here. But, DON'T FORGET our best holiday tip for you:


Coffee, coffee, coffee!  

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