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One of this autumn's most fabulous fashion trends is patchwork fashion: outfits made from bits and pieces of fabric that have been sewn together into a new fabric. 


It looks super stylish, and by mixing and matching precisely the pieces of fabric you love the most, you end up with an utterly spectacular outfit, not to be compared with anything else.


By the look of it, it might seem tricky, but it is far from that!


If you have just a little bit of experience with a sewing machine, mixing your fabrics to make an outfit will be easy peasy.

When selecting your patchwork fashion fabrics, we recommend that you choose the same type of fabric and the same type of weave. This will make your finished fabric act as one piece of cloth rather than four different materials, each affected differently by wash and wear. 


A great place to look for fabric for your patchwork is our tables with fabric remnants. They are brimming with beautiful remnants at great prices, and additionally, they are part of our Zero Waste concept aiming to reduce waste.


Regarding colours, you can choose a subtle patchwork with matching colours or go all-in on vibrant and contrasting colour blocking styles.

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  1. Look for fabric that matches your style.
  2. Make sure the length of each piece of fabric you use is the same.
  3. Place two pieces of fabric right sides facing each other and sew along one of the sides with a 1 cm seam allowance.
  4. Optionally overlock the seams or work French seams 
  5. Press the seams
  6. Repeat with the next pieces of fabrics and until all your pieces have been sewn together


That’s pretty much it. You’ve made your own unique patchworked piece of fabric. Now follows the steps you know: 

  • Place your pattern pieces on your new fabric
  • Cut out each part 
  • Pin  
  • Sew 

It wasn’t difficult at all, was it? Congratulations on your new and unique, handmade and very on-trend outfit! 

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