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What is Pojagi?

Pojagi is a Korean patchwork technique where you sew different pieces together to create one large piece of fabric. Seam allowances are concealed inside the seams, so you have the same front and back. You can use your Pojagi-fabric for so many things like curtains, throws, tablecloths, etc.

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Step by step guide

1. Cut the fabric into squares.

2. Lay one piece of fabric on top of another, not directly but 1 cm to one side. Stitch a 1 cm seam.

3. Fold the seam around the edge of the second seam and press.

4. Fold and press the seam once more (the raw edge is now concealed).

5. Stitch firmly with a row of stitching 2 mm from the edge.

Inspiration for three different patterns

Here you have three different Pojagi patterns - but really the possibilities are endless and your imagination sets the rules!


SS22 Pojagi How To

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