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Item No. 74151

Lots of creative materials for your Cricut Maker 3

The Cricut Smart Materials™ Supplies Bundle is the perfect package containing materials usable for the Cricut Maker™ 3 cutting machine (article no. 74153). Make vinyl stickers for your water bottle, create labels for the kitchen or office - or create personalised birthday cards and beautiful Christmas-decorations. All you have to do is insert the materials into the Cricut Maker 3 - and you're ready to go! 


Included in the smart package

A world of creative projects opens up to you with the smart package that includes:

  • Core Colours Basic Tool Set
  • Cricut Maker/Explore StandardGrip Transfer Tape (30x120 cm)
  • Cricut Smart Sticker Cardstock 33x33 cm, 10 sheets
  • Cricut Smart Vinyl Permanent 33x91 cm, 1 sheet (red)
  • Cricut Smart Vinyl Permanent 33x91 cm, 1 sheet (white)
  • Cricut Smart Vinyl Permanent 33x91 cm, 1 sheet (glittering gold)
  • Cricut Smart Iron-on 33x91 cm, 1 sheet (black)

The best? You don't need a cutting mat - you're up and running as soon as you insert the materials into Cricut Maker™ 3. Learn more about them all in the Design Space™ app, which you can read about below.

Start exploring new designs easily in Design Space™

You use your Cricut Maker 3 with the Design Space™ software, which is easy to use via Bluetooth with your mobile phone, tablet or computer. Here you can get started designing motifs, creating text and much more that comes to life with your smart materials. You'll also find plenty of free files ready for you in Design Space™, as well as the option to purchase more yourself.