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Item No. 29923

Textile glue 327

Textile glue is a water-based natural rubber adhesive, fantastic to use with textiles – upholstery fabric, leather, foam and the likes. The glue is soft and elastic when dry and water resistant.

Piece of advice before you use the textile glue

Make sure all surfaces are clean, dry and free of grease, release agent and dust particles. Trial gluing is recommended to evaluate the strength of the glue with regards to your specific purpose, your project. 

To avoid discolouration of certain types of fabric we recommend trial gluing on parts of the fabric that are less visible. 

Always make sure to use the glue in an area with good ventilation as it gets its characteristic smell from small levels of ammonia. Be aware that the properties of textile glue last several days which means it’s not ideal to use Textile Glue 327 for roller blind curtains etc. 

The textile glue should be used at room temperature only. Drying time is about 30 minutes.


If wet rinse the glue off with water. If dry clean it off with benzine or something similar.