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Introduction to your creative journey:

Are you looking for a fabric that is both beautiful and practical? Blackout melange is the perfect solution for you. It's designed for DIY enthusiasts like you, who don't just pick something off a hanger, but dare to create your own.

Recycled and durable

Blackout melange is made of 76% polyester and 24% recycled polyester. With this fabric, you get a durable material that can withstand everyday wear and tear and still look great.

Long-lasting color quality

The lightfastness is rated at a minimum of 6 out of 8. This means that the colors on Blackout melange don't fade easily, guaranteeing you a product that lasts.

Perfect blackout

Blackout melange is 99% light-tight, so you can expect a good night's sleep, even on bright summer nights. Blackout curtains provide the opportunity to block out daylight when you need it - perfect for the bedroom, children's room, or the cozy home theater!

DIY curtains

Imagine the joy of sewing your own curtains that perfectly match your home! With Blackout melange, you can personalize your space by choosing from our wide range of colors. Everything you need can be found in our extensive range of curtain accessories.