€ 10.00/m.

Item No. 9098

Freudenberg iron-on canvas is a lightweight interfacing made of 100 % cotton. It is 90 cm wide. You buy this item by the metre. You can order the precise number of metres you need. Iron-on canvas has fusible adhesive on one side. Fix the adhesive WITH steam. Press for about 5-10 seconds at medium iron temperature (2 dots). Move the iron. Press and continue until you have fused the adhesive on your entire sewing project. Before you start, always do a fuse test on a small piece of fabric. Allow the fabric piece to cool. Iron-on canvas is washable at 60°C. Use iron-on canvas to stabilise small sections of your sewing project, e.g. collar and cuffs on a shirt or blouse. Iron-on canvas works perfectly with shirt fabrics and other medium and heavy-weight fabrics.