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Item No. 26505

Pretty printed sew-on patch

It's the details that make all the difference. Use this sew-on patch to make your sewing project unique – clothing, accessories and anything else you fancy.

How can I use this sew-on patch in my creative projects? 

This printed sew-on patch is woven and ideal to spice up all kinds of projects. Use it to decorate a sweatshirt, T-shirt, jacket, dress, sleepsuit or trousers. It’s also ideal on a bag og clutch. You can even use it to decorate blankets, throws and cushions.

Use this sew-on patch to upcycle

This sew-on patch is not only useful on new sewing projects. Add the patch to give a new lease of life to old stuff in your wardrobe and home décor. And a sew-on patch is always a godsend if you happen to have worn a hole in a pair of pants.


How do I attach a sew-on patch?

This is a sew-on patch. By the way, you are advised to follow the laundry instructions, which you can find on the packaging and on this page.