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What is facing?

The word “facing” might not mean all that much to you when you see it for the first time in sewing instructions. But facing is pieces of lining, most often found in the neckline. It is the invisible piece of fabric that provides support and ensures that your sewing project keeps its shape. Sewing with facing makes your neckline completely smooth and nice to look at. So if you sew with facing, you will undoubtedly get the best result.


When working with woven and more robust fabrics, it is very important to make a slit in the facing, otherwise it can be difficult to get the blouse or whatever you have made over your head. Here, you can make a slit facing, which can be done up at the back or in a V-neck at the front. Slit facing is often used in shirts and dresses.

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How to get off to a good start with facing

Selfmade’s sewing patterns always tell you how to sew facing. Here, however, is a little tip on how to get off to a good start with facing.


When working with facing, you should always reinforce it by ironing on a layer of non-woven interlining.


Draw your facings onto your fabric using tailor’s chalk or a water-soluble marker pen. The marker pen disappears when washed, but be aware that the line becomes permanent if you iron it before washing.


When you’ve drawn your facings, it is important to cut them out very precisely.


You then take the cut-out facings that make up the shoulder seam facing and sew them together using running stitches on the sewing machine. When stitching your facings together for the neck piece, remember to sew from the neckline outwards. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a lopsided result.


Once the facing is sewn together, you sew it onto your neckline. Place them right sides together. Let your presser foot do its job when you sew in the facing. It is important not to pull the fabric in the process.


Finally, cut small notches in the curve. Cut in to the last stitch in the V-neck, for example. Then turn the facing over and press with an iron to position it. Finish off by sewing with decorative stitching for a nice finish.


We’ve made a video where we show you how to sew facing on a blouse. It shows you the whole process – from drawing the facing until we have sewn it neatly onto the neckline.  Watch the video below.


A good tip!

Stitch the facing to the shoulder seams last. The facing will then stay in place and remain invisible.


If you have any questions about how to make a facing or how to sew it on, you are always welcome to ask in our stores or contact our Customer Service.