Spring fever: itching to go outside?

The weather is changing, the days are growing longer and warmer. Embrace your spring fever and update your summer cottage, patio, or balcony - and get ready to spend endless summer days outside. 

Delve into our new outdoor universe and get inspired to create an outdoor universe with hammocks, cushions, blankets, and more, that you can use for years to come! 



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Outdoor fabrics are a broad concept and, quite frankly, a matter of interpretation. Because technically, you can bring any odd fabric outside with you and make it work. 


Here at Selfmade® / STOFF & STIL, we primarily use outdoor fabrics for materials that can withstand being outside for more extended periods, be it because they have a high lightfastness or are water repellant.

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Shop dralon

Dralon is a water-resistant fabric coated with Teflon that has high lightfastness. Perfect for seat cushions, tablecloths, hammocks, etc
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Shop awning fabric

Luxury outdoor fabrics with very high lightfastness. This hard-wearing, water-repellent fabric is beautifully soft to the touch
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Shop oilcloth

These fabrics are water-resistant, colourful, and easy to clean. Perfect for tablecloths, waterproof bags, and more
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Luxury outdoor fabrics with very high lightfastness. This hard-wearing, water-repellent fabric is beautifully soft to the touch
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Enjoy the sun on your terrace, patio or even your balcony. Create beautiful seat cushions or even a comfy bean bag for the ultimate summer lounging feel. 


Use hard-wearing, lightfast fabrics

When sewing cushions for your garden chairs or your lounger, we recommend using a lightfast fabric with a high Martindale score, such as Dralon. That way, you can enjoy a long-lasting result of your hard work!  


New outdoor fabric: ALBEROSUN®

There’s no greater indulgence than a fabulous futon upholstered with our brand-new outdoor fabric, ALBEROSUN®. This fabric scores 7-8 out of an 8-maximum for UV resistance. It scores 28,000 points on the Martindale abrasion-resistance scale.

This low-maintenance fabric is also water-repellent. And guess what? This fabric is also beautifully soft to the touch. In short, ALBEROSUN® is the perfect fabric for your outdoor projects. There are four chic colours to choose from.


Oilcloth for outdoor eating

Water-repellent, easy to clean, and in must-have, bright-coloured prints. What's not to like? Oilcloth is perfect for alfresco dinners! Get an inexpensive PVC oilcloth, or go all-in with a luxury, woven oilcloth

Luxurious chair to lounge in p90357_823513_821584.jpg

Luxurious chair to lounge in

Lounge chair
More outdoor space 90279_410039.jpg

More outdoor space

We are all familiar with the concept of a canopy over baby’s cot. Now you can make one for use under open skies!
Update your outdoor kitchen 852431_75002_750349_bundle

Update your outdoor kitchen

Cooks apron and over glove
Here comes the sun 1450x1800_Out_03_014.jpg

Here comes the sun

Curl up in our lounge beanbag chair indoors and out.
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Dust off the cobwebs and get your summer cottage ready for the season. Create that ultimate leisure feel with beautiful light fabrics, breezy curtains, nautical cushion covers and quality oilcloth.


Patterns you need to update your summer cottage

Check out our many home-decoration patterns that let you create lounge chairs, bean bags, hammocks, cushions, baskets and more

Free patterns and DIYs 

We also include a number of free sewing patterns, including patterns for pallet cushions, a multi-purpose mattress, futon pillows, and more.

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Combine whites and beiges with naval, blue, shells, and stripes to create that seaside feel. Choose from nautical fabrics for clothing, upholstery, or decoration.

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Spend a wonderful day at the beach and enjoy the beautiful weather with a picnic! 

Bestselling must-have: sunhat

Sew a sun hat and keep your head in the shade on warm, sunny days. Get our bestselling sun-hat pattern and sew your very own. 


Sew Picnic bag

Create a clever picnic bag as your carry-all companion, add a padded blanket and get ready to enjoy an alfresco lunch! 

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