1200X800 Winter21 033A

Let it all shine, glitter and sparkle! Find festive patterns and pick out your favourite glittering fabric, take your time – and you’ll be delighted with the results.


We especially love the new mesh quality with flowers that looks like a million sewing patches. Wear it as a dress or blouse on top of a tight black or golden item.


And you always hit the spot with a comfortable one-piece - make it shiny and you'll be the bell of the ball.

1000X1000 Winter21 033D Dress pattern 23133, Babydoll dress pattern 23168, Large scrunchie free DIY 9013
1000X1000 Winter21 101C

You will be amazed by our gorgeous universe of colour. Ideal for blouses, trousers, dresses, your knitting – and anything else you need to freshen up. Plait or weave in even more gorgeous colours using ribbons and fringes, or add patches and buttons.

1600X2000 Winter21 037B

We have a wide selection of stretch velvet. The organic and basic stretch velvet, both of which are perfect for loose and comfortable baby and children’s clothing. Our shiny stretch velvet, with and without texture is suitable for form-fitting clothing for everyday and special occasions.

  • 1200X800 Autumn P035b

    Retro cool

    The future is embedded in the past. Do it yourself, fix it at home, be yourself and shine like the star you are.
  • Purist 004

    Less is more

    Find peace of mind and make time for immersion. Make it simple, create purity of line and embrace muted colours. Prefer quality to quantity.