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Item No. 99020

Doodle Clay is a new and unique polymer clay, perfect for making pretty 2D and 3D shapes and figures. Doodle Clay remains soft until baked in the oven - something you can do in your kitchen. Once baked, the clay attains a beautiful matte finish. This complete luxury Doodle Clay DIY kit comtains the following: 200g white polymer clay, 200 g black polymer clay, a heart-shaped "clay cutter", letter stamps, useful tools, little inspiration leaflet including a step-by-step guide and a storage bag for the tools. This kit contains small parts and is recommended for people aged 14 and over. Polymer clay is gluten free and reaches European standards. We recommend that you keep any remaining clay in a lidded plastic container. TIP: You can use our textile paint Soft Text and Pearl on the finished clay to add extra detail.