€ 10.50/m.

Item No. 220648

Fleece is not just fleece

With micro fleece you have the very fine fleece quality. The one where the structure is soft, dense and smooth. It opens up a range of exciting DIY possibilities from clothing to home decor.


What should I use micro fleece for?

With micro fleece, you can dial down the classic fleece look without having to compromise on all of the familiar qualities: the fabric is still soft, lightweight and stretchy. It insulates well and has been given an anti-pilling treatment meaning that it's virtually lint-free. Furthermore it's tough and dries quickly.


Use the fabric for a comfy fleece jacket or vest, for example, where the heat-insulating effect really comes in handy on cold days. Or make a cool loungewear set in your favourite colour. You can also use micro fleece in furnishings for blankets (where you don't even need to sew on a border) and cushions.


Please remember to use jersey needles (item no. 46799 or 46028) when sewing in fleece.


Practical information about fleece

The fabric is 145 cm wide and you buy it by the metre, so you get the length you need. You can wash this fleece at 40° and tumble dry at low heat.


Be aware that it shrinks about 3% in the wash, so it's a good idea to wash the fabric before starting your project.