€ 3.50/pc(s)

Item No. 94021

Lovely suede patches for your creative project

Looking for a lush detail for your sewing project? Or do you have an item of clothing that needs repairing? Our lush suede patches are the answer to your prayers!

Upgrade your old jackets and sweaters

These two oval suede patches are made of 100% leather. Each patch measures 10.5 x 13 cm. They are great for repairing holes and tears, and add a decorative touch to an old favourite. For example, use them to patch holes in the elbows of your jacket, sweatshirt or hand-knitted sweater.

How do I sew suede patches onto my clothes?

There are small holes punched along the edges of the patches to make it easy for you to sew them onto your clothes. Sew by hand with ordinary sewing needle. If you decide to sew them on more firmly using a sewing machine, we recommend that you use leather needles.


Wash by hand to prolong the product’s lifespan

Please note that these suede patches are made of 100% leather. Therefore, we recommend that you hand-wash creative projects with suede patches