What can I do to retain heat better? This is one question most of us have been asking ourselves recently. And it is a question that is even more relevant in the cold winter season when heating your home is expensive.


Our guide gives you easy ways to keep you and your home warm this winter. These ideas are not only practical – they add up to a great makeover!

Knit 900X900

Of course, you can put on a knitted sweater or jumper to keep warm – everyone knows that. And we imagine that many of us who enjoy the benefits of underfloor heating have got used to going barefoot and wearing a T-shirt in the house – even in the winter. We suggest that you turn down the heating and dress warmly this winter.


As a new addition to our product range, we have created a sewing pattern for a neck warmer perfect for layering. You can sew it in lovely, warm fabrics like wool or fleece - and you'll have a winter companion to keep you warm on even the coldest days.

Fleecy vests (short or long), cardigans, sweaters, and more can also help you stay warm this winter, e.g. at your workplace or at home.


We stock a large collection of lovely fabrics so you can make lovely cosy sweatshirts, and we have lots of great yarns and free patterns for knitted sweaters, scarves, etc.

Explore it all here
Nice shirt jacket for the cold  p24045B_AW22_NEWS.jpg

Nice shirt jacket for the cold

Our woven quilt with lining is the perfect material to stay warm in. Use it to sew the loveliest shirt jacket - full of spring flowers to counteract the winter darkness.
Stay warm with beautiful vest p24052B_AW22_NEWS.jpg

Stay warm with beautiful vest

Wow! Create the most beautiful vest in our woven wool with stripes - and nice details with bias tape and cord. A clear winter favourite!
Blankets 3600X1350

When you sit curl up on the sofa for a while, you are going to need a nice warm blanket. At Selfmade®, you can find great fabrics for your project and brilliant ideas for making your blankets and throws decorative too.


For example, you can make a cosy blanket in fleece. You don’t even have to hem it to get stylish results. You can also make warm blankets in heavy wool fabrics and add classic fringes in different variations – or how about transforming one of our fantastic quilted fabrics into a blanket?


If you wish to go all in, you can opt to make a patchwork quilt with our free pattern. And if you really want to absorb yourself in your new blanket project, go into zen: Just switch off the TV (and save a little on electricity in the process!).

Slippers 1200X600

While snuggling under a blanket is an easy way to keep warm, don't forget your feet! If your toes are like ice, the room may often feel much colder than it really is. Slippers and woollen socks are the perfect solution for children and adults – and they are so much fun to make.


Try our free FRAYA knitting pattern for Happy Feet Slippers and make the toastiest slippers in wool yarn for yourself and the kids. You can also knit lovely colourful socks – and even produce slippers on your sewing machine. Why not?


Or try our new free sewing pattern for cosy slippers, available in many sizes. Use them to sew comfy warm slippers for your (children's) children or for yourself.


You can use latex brushed directly onto the sole to equip your slippers or home-knitted socks with a non-slip base.

Mittens 725X900

Did they turn down the heating at your workplace? Our cool fingerless mittens keep your hands warm and leave your fingers free to work.


Fingerless mitts are also great to wear at home, and – just like with cold feet – a room can feel a lot colder if you have cold hands.


Keep your hands warm. Try one of our free FRAYA patterns. We have four wonderful variants of fingerless mittens, each with their own look and yarn type. Find your favourite variant and explore our broad selection of free patterns for hats, mittens, scarves and much more.


Don't have the patience to knit? No problem. We also have a sewing pattern for fingerless mittens. They are really straightforward to make and take almost no time. Again, you can use fleece or wool for the project.

Now we know how you can keep yourself warm. But what about saving on home heating?

Curtains 725X900

The right curtains can help keep your living room warm. Much warmth escapes through the windows. You can reduce heat loss by investing in curtains or blinds. The heavier the fabric you choose, the more air is trapped in the fabric – and the better your curtains insulate.


Draw your curtains, especially in the evening when the difference between the living room temperature and the world outside is greatest. Remember to open the curtains during the day so that you can take advantage of the sun's warm rays!


So which curtains would look good in your living room? We have lots of beautiful fabrics so there are lots of different looks to choose from. For example, you can make lovely floor-length curtains in upholstery chenille – or what about our textured upholstery fabrics or upholstery velvet?


Dive into our amazing curtain universe, and explore the many options and colours. Your new curtains will not only help retain heat, they will also give your living room a stylish makeover.

Draftpillow 3600X1350

Draughts are an unwelcome visitor in many of our homes. A long cushion may be the best answer to the problem. A bolster or roll cushion is cylindrical, i.e. sausage-shaped.


Place your bolster cushions on draughty window sills and in door openings to prevent cold air from creeping in. We provide an easy step-by-step guide, so your cushion project will be finished in no time. Here we use upholstery corduroy, which is the obvious choice of fabric for this purpose. Our upholstery velvet is available in a full palette of gorgeous shades.


Sew a bolster cushion to measure for your windows and doors. If you wish to give your cushion more weight, consider filling it with plastic granulate or maybe even a few small stones.


If you feel even more creative, you can of course go freestyle with our cute cot bumper or come up with a unique design of your own!

Gryder Samlet

Electricity is often the most expensive in the early evenings when almost everyone is at home preparing dinner. So wouldn't it be fantastic if you could reduce your power consumption at that exact moment? A wonder bag can help you with that!


A wonder bag is an updated version of the hay boxes from ye olde days. First, you start boiling your dish as you otherwise would. When the boiling point is reached, lower your pot and everything in it (including the water!) into your wonder bag. Because this clever bag is lined with insulating material, it keeps all the warmth locked inside, so you can let your meal rest on the counter until done.


This way, you can boil potatoes, rice, pasta dishes, vegetables, root vegetables, chicken, veal roast, one-pot dishes, and stews with minimum electricity. After all, you only need to keep the stove going for a few minutes to boil your dish.

Save energy with cooking bags Energy_Saving_Gryder_1450x1800.jpg

Save energy with cooking bags

Sew cooking bags in decorative checkered materials. We have sewing patterns perfect for this project. As soon as your pot is boiling, you put it in the cooking bag, which finishes the dish for you.
Temperature 1200X600

One last idea for you: You should try to maintain the same temperature in every room in your house. If some rooms are colder than others, you may find you feel draughts. Moreover, if air from the warm rooms enters the colder rooms, there is tendency for condensate to form, which may ultimately cause mould or mildew.


To make the most of your heating, make sure that your furniture is 15-20 cm away from radiators. If furniture is right up against a radiator, the radiator provides less heat, as the furniture prevents the heat from spreading out into the room.


Keep warm and feel free to pass our ideas on to your friends!

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