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Upcycle your old sweater to a Christmas jumper


Why not have a look in your wardrobe to see if you might find an old sweater or two that can easily be whipped into a Christmas jumper, if you only add the right amount of sparkles?


This is also a way of upcycling your clothes and making way for a more sustainable choice.




Make your own Christmas jumper completely from scratch


If you fancy you can make it from scratch.


Our FRAYA universe offers several FREE knitting patterns for lovely sweaters. It won’t be hard to find a basic sweater that will work perfectly for your Christmas jumper.


Find your favourite pattern and yarn and get those knitting needles going. 

Explore all FREE knitting patterns

We stock heaps of sewing accessories for arts and crafts, that will get everyone into a true Christmas spirit!


Why not add bells, sequins and beads to your sweater? And finish with a sweet and fun Christmas patch from our big selection of patches.


If you feel like adding ribbons, funny quotes, heat transfer fabric or textile paint and pens, then this is the place to roam free.


Now it’s up to you if you feel like flashing a ‘forget me not’ jumper or a more subtle and classic one, - or even go for ‘the Ugly Christmas Jumper’ look.

1000X1000 Make An Ugly Christmas Sweater 2021

Are heavy knits with Christmas motifs just not your cup of tea? Why not check your wardrobe for a blouse or T-shirt, that you can spruce up with just the Christmas frills of your liking?


You can even make your own blouse or T-shirt and then add your own Christmas accents. Just have a look at our patterns to see if one of them fits your style.


We also stock gorgeous fabrics with different Christmas motifs, that will make any blouse pattern proud!


This way you can make matchy Christmas outfits for the whole family!

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One of this Fall’s greatest fashion trends.
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Guide to mending

A how to guide to mending - a trendy technique to upcycle old clothes, bags, etc. Read in 3-4 min.