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Colourful Bias Tapes 

Okay – saying everyone might be an exaggeration, but here you really get a whole rainbow of colours to choose from for your DIY project.  


Bias tapes are the finishing touch. And the colour – you decide that. Find one that almost matches your project, choose one that provides a subtle shade difference, or go all in on contrast and select one (or several!) that stands out and catches the eye. It's your design – of course, you decide.  


The bias tape is 18 mm wide and made of 100% cotton. You get 25 metres of bias tape in one pack. 


Use Bias Tapes for ...  

Sew bias tapes on blankets and bath towels. Use it on dresses, shirts, and blouses – and for baby clothes and bodysuits. Let the bias tapes serve as beautiful details and elegant finishes on edges and cutouts.  


Worth Knowing About Bias Tapes 

Bias tapes have the (almost) magical ability to adapt to many fabrics. As the name suggests, they're cut on the bias and therefore naturally follow your curves, necklines, corners, and edges. This provides a beautiful finish.  


How to Sew Bias Tape 

Bias tapes are for sewing on curves, corners, and straight stretches. When you sew the bias tape onto your project, you sew with straight stitches at about a 2.5 cm stitch length. While sewing, don't pull or stretch it. Let it align perfectly along the edge, ensuring a neat result.  



When you start sewing your bias tape, fold about 2 cm in, so it's double-layered. When finishing, tuck the other end's fold over your folded start. The same principle applies when extending a bias tape.