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Do you know the buttonhole elastic?

It is exactly as the name describes: an elasticated buttonhole. But how come? Because you get even more flexibility in the waistband when you use buttonhole elastic. You simply sew in a button and then adjust the width at the waist by placing the button in the buttonhole that suits you.


Elastic band for flexible use

It's great for those days when you're feeling bloated. It's great if you have a design that fits both your waist and your hips, so you can change your look from time to time. And it's great when you lend your clothes to friends and you might not be wearing the same size. In general, it just gives you a lot of flexibility!


The elastic is relatively firm made of polyester and rubber. It is 19 mm wide and has an 8 mm buttonhole every 15 mm.


Maybe you want to add buttonhole elastic to your next project?


The elastic can be washed at 40° and tumble dried at low heat.