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Do your clothes or other textiles need to refresh their colours, then look no further than to fabric dyes from Dylon.

Long lasting results

The fabric dye pods from Dylon make it simple and easy to add more colour to your life.

Thanks to the all-in-one formula, you just place the pod in the washing machine with your trousers, blouses and other textiles in need of a revival or change of colour, and just one wash will leave you with a perfect, long-lasting and intense colour result.

Just one pod

One pack dyes 600g of fabric (for instance a pair of jeans, a bath towel or a sheet) to full shade Textiles of up to 1.2 kilos (for instance a queen size bed sheet) will dye to a lighter shade after a spin with the Dylon pod.

Suitable for dying natural fibers

The Dylon machine dye works best with natural fibers such as cotton, linen and viscose. Polyester/cotton and polyester/viscose mixes will dye to lighter shades. Fibers such as wool, silk, synthetic fibers like pure polyester, acrylic, nylon and fabrics with special finishes, are not suitable to be dyed with the Dylon machine wash pod.


1. Your clothes needs to be freshly washed and damp (from a pre-wash, for instance).

2. Remove the cap from the pod and place it in the washing machine drum on top of fabric.

3. Run a 30-40°C cycle.

4. After the cycle, remove the pod from the machine, add normal washing detergent and run the same 30-40°C cycle as before.

5. Remove your clothes from the machine at the end and let it dry.

6. To remove excess dye from fabric and to clean the machine, add detergent and run one more 30-40° cycle.

7. Clean the inside and outside of the rubber seal at the end.

Good to know after dyeing with Dylon

Dry your textiles away from direct sunlight. Sunlight makes the dye fade, which is a waste of your efforts. Wash your textiles separately or with similar colours for the first few times to remove any excess dye.

Bear in mind that dyeing may not cover stains, discolouring or faded areas.