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Meet Your New Best Knitting Friend 

Welcome to a new dimension of softness with our FRAYA DELICATE yarn. Imagine letting your fingers glide over the softest yarn you've ever felt. With 100% extra fine merino wool, this skein will neither scratch nor irritate, but only bring joy to your craft. 

Softness Meets Function 

DELICATE has been crafted to enhance your knitting experience. With its distinct twist, this yarn combines volume with softness. And the fine merino wool? It adds not only breathability but also the warmth and elasticity that make your knitting projects both feel and look amazing. 

For All of Life's Moments 

Whether you're crafting a jumper for yourself, a dress for your niece, or a hat for grandad – DELICATE yarn is perfect for all ages. From infant to adult, this soft merino wool will feel delightful against the skin, and with its durability, it becomes a treasured possession for the lucky recipient. 

What You Should Know 

Each skein holds approximately 175 metres of yarn, and weighing at 50g, there's plenty to get started with. Want the best results? Opt for knitting needles or crochet hooks of size 3-3.5. With a gauge of 30 stitches x 40 rows for a 10x10 cm piece, you can easily plan your next project. Plus, the yarn is superwash-treated for an easier everyday life. 

How to Keep Your Yarn Beautiful 

Quality doesn't mean complicated care. This fine merino wool yarn can be easily machine-washed – just choose the wool programme at 30 degrees. Remember to use wool detergent and skip the fabric softener. After washing? Laying flat to dry is the way to go. 

Ready to Create Something Magical? 

Now it's time to let creativity flow. With FRAYA DELICATE in your hands, there are no limits to what you can create. We believe you'll love every single stitch – just as much as we adore this yarn.