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Create your unique textiles with batik dying. Batik textile dyes are best used on cotton, viscose, linen, half panama, silk, wool, or polyamide. The screw-cap container contains 70 g of dye powder. Take what you need, mix it in accordance with the instructions, and save the rest for later. The more pigment you add, the stronger your colours become. Use 70 g of dye powder per 200g of fabric for strong colouration. Use 70 grs of poweder per 400 g of fabric for a less intense colouration. This batik textile dye paint is suitable for various dyeing techniques, e.g. tie-dye and dip-dye. Always wash the fabric before starting to paint. Fill a bucket or tub with very hot water (95°C), enough to cover your fabric. Add your dye and stir until completely dissolved. Then immerse the damp fabric in the colour bath. NB: Make sure that the dye is completely dissolved before you add the fabric. If not, the results will be spotty or uneven. Leave the fabric to soak for no more than one hour . Rinse your fabric with hot water. Batik dyes do not tolerate high temperatures. Wash your dyed fabric at max 40°C. Wash separately the first time. NB: To enhance the colours and prevent them for wearing off, we recommend you use our Javana fixing agent. Without fixing agent, the dyes will soon wash out.